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Welcome to St. Mary’s School. Your child’s education is a group effort with God as our guide in all that we do. It is our expectation that students work hard, practice the Lifelines and use their skills to strengthen the talents they have been given. They will do this in an environment that has a comprehensive program based on best teaching practices and brain research related to learning.

In the PDF to the right, you will find information about many topics related to school life. We hope it will be helpful to you and provide you with a ready reference when you have questions about policy or procedures. If you have further questions about any topic, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

It is very important that parents review this handbook with their children. It is ultimately the responsibility and cooperation of the parents that all policies and procedures are followed as stated in the handbook. However, in the total educational process, we also expect the children to develop an attitude of responsibility and cooperation with these policies and procedures.