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TeacherEase is web-based software to manage instruction. Supports standards-based grading and helps teachers use technology in the classroom. Includes learning management system, gradebook, report cards, lesson planning, and curriculum planning tools.

Standards-Based Grading

This software helps teachers implement mastery-based education. Provide professional standards-based report cards. Easily track observations of student learning in the gradebook. Analyze student growth and inform instruction. Communicate performance to parents through a portal, help them understand their child’s progress, and standards-based grading in general. We can easily integrate standards into the planning process.

Learning Management System

This will enhance the success of technology-rich K-12 classrooms — especially 1:1 computing, BYO programs, or frequent use of laptop carts. Integrate digital resources into instruction. Actively use the devices every day. Transform education with collaboration, PBL, flipped classroom, and other redefining activities. Replace paper textbooks with digital curriculum. Vary activities by student to meet individual needs.

This easy web-based student management software allows us to run the school efficiently and affordably to also include student demographics, basic scheduling, attendance, grade reporting (report cards/transcripts), tuition/fees, lunch program, track student lunch account balances and easily generate state-required food service reports and other analytics.

In addition, it helps the school nurse easily manage all aspects of student health electronically: immunizations, clinic visits, medications, screenings, and much more. Robust tools allow the nurse to spend less time on paperwork and more time with students.

Plus, it allows us to electronically manage the discipline process and analyze the effectiveness of interventions. We can easily identify where and when incidents typically occur. Make positive change and measure student behavior improvement.

This flexible software provides us with sophisticated tools to easily solve complex problems and communicate this with staff and parents.

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